r e s o l u t i o n s.

You cannot let these words slip forth from your lips, This lamentation materialise as a willowy wisp in the wind… Don’t you feel it in your heartbeat already?


Yet another year & I have yet to yet to yet to yet to yet…. 

2016 is not over yet. 

Hello you all! Violet here! Let’s talk.

I’m pretty sure you’ve sometime, someday possessed a  l i s t.  A list possessed by those wee little pesky ol’

  *R E S O L U T I O N S*  

Yeeaah, Remember those? Every bright New Year you dig them out of the recesses of your regurgitated memory box? Well, This year around, Don’t wait, Begin right. now.

Scrounge up that crumbled, suspiciously stained list from whatever squeaky drawer, or wherever it lurks ~stale & forgotten~ Perhaps it’s stuffed between your sofa cushion withicon-blocks those colourful lego monstrosities & soggy Flaming Hot Cheetos or slipped into a long abandoned book by your bedside or maybe ambitiously bulleted on your Reminders.

Now if you’re a novice to this list making mumbo jumbo, It’s all about merely pausing for a moment. Wondering for another.8ab02e4e3516f31e5acef526f74f2433 & Feeling that desire tug gently,

You’ve got to pull that by it’s drawstrings up up upwards & give it a good talking to & rename it P U R P O S E. & once you’ve established that, It’s time to realise them into P R I O R I T I E S. 

Now dig out your hipster chic journal or maybe just a paper serviette, Don’t worry too much about durability- because you’re not meant to preserve these
,163205-200 It’s OK

if they don’t survive the forever appending apocalypse! You’ve got to get
them done
& move onwards!

Here’s 3 very basic guidelines to tread around in the art of functional list making-


  1. Be Short & Selective- You want to be ambitious, but also pragmatic.     ( I know, quite the conundrum! ) 
  2.   Be mundane, Be a rêveur- This list is for yourself, It’s not meant to impress anybody


Finally the most cardinal rule to effectively getting things done?


 Just. Do. It. 


( as compiled by a professional procrastinator on the road to recovery )


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