a rainbow soldier story


24th March 2016, 1300 hours.

It’s Holi again.

Dangerous time of the year. Air is damp & turbid. Barren paved streets in sight. Only the newbies emerge in their starch buttoned up shirts- Naive, Oblivious, Foolish.

Those with war stories of yellow splatters underfoot, gory green stains, Louboutins ruined & Jimmy Choo no more… They know.

So Protective nylons on, fugitively hustling hustling hustling.

On they go,Creeping along in the dead of afternoon bright. No eye contact is protocol. But when the air rings with Coyote calls, Only a single through slithers in.

Oh, Sierra. 

The city erupts into a rainbow.


Ah, Holi. I remember my younger days. Back when our squad was on the triumphant side of things. The pure excitement that thrummed  jubilant in our blood, The plastic weight of  bright bellied Water Guns in our grasps, & just the utter amusement of watching balloons bloat with water into bouncy cannon balls.


The joy the joy the joy, We’re allowed to bombard people with balloons (surreptitiously ofcourse :P) & get a legitimised hooky day off as well? Amazeballs!

Target in sight,Aim & bada boom.






Sigh. Not so much anymore. The squad does n’t venture into No Wifi Zones present days, Risk factor is too great.

We used to be the danger. Now we’re the targeted.

If ever we feel the slightest urge to showcase some festivity (For instagram of course) Simply slap on some Organic colour instead of concealer & *Click* Got that selfie.


Now, The only rainbow in sight? Is Tyler Oakley’s Hair & The only mythic grounds we set foot upon is Unicorn Island.

Also. What with the scarcity of water resources, The plausible toxicity of the colours,The debatable political correctness of even supplying children with faux guns & other such paraphernalia?

Well,Does put a damper on things.

Growing up sure is fun! 😛













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