the love that split the world

Synopsis:  TLTSTW Official Blurb ♥

Rating  : 7.25 / 10

Shelve : Keepers

Genre  : YA / Contemporary Fantasy / Romance 


PART I : The feeling 

You know when you’re drifting off, when you’re nearly there, & suddenly your bed gets yanked out from under you, & you’re falling?”

That’s the sensory drift you can expect.

Just as you get into the lilt of things ~ Whoosh ~ You’re precariously tipping backwards. The sensation of forever falling is this distant, omnipresent sensation.


~ Ghosting on your fingertips, Floating in your belly, Tingling on upturned lips.~

It’s quite light & airy, that feeling. Like a crème brûlée of everything wonderfully mundane submerged in a fluffy custard of nostalgia, blow torched to a bronzed melancholy.

How do I explain Why?  Why should you read this novel ?

To me, Reading is about the conjuring. The little distant tunes, & the wisps & licks of What Ifs. It’s not so much about A story, A romance, A plot, The twist or The end.

Of course, I appreciate cleverly crafted tales, & staunchly build worlds, Ingenious beginnings that may in fact be the end of what’s really the middle… Rather a bit of a hodgepodge of a review thus far, eh?


I apologise for that. You see, It’s been a case of escaping words, all dull & numbed down to wherever lost words go. All I have are these feelings now.

Continuing with the rhythm of what has been, A question,Quick

Why do YOU read?

Why do you open book after book after book, always black on white slapped between 2 coats of colour?

I’d say,

We’re all just escapees, Explorers of a bandit world.

We read to understand, to be understood.

To escape one reality, & burrow layer by layer into the limitless others.

We read because we love the high, We crave the fall.

Was TLTSTW thematically a mind-blowing wonder? Um, Nope. Was it soul crushing, gut wrenching, mind mangling, body bloating*,Existence cancelling & utter unexpectedness? Perhaps. To a degree. But nah- Not quite that either. ( I know,I know, Really selling it Vi! )

Well, here’s what it was-


2.The Critique 

  • It was fluid. The wit was enamouring & the best kind of weird.
  • Ambiance was richly cultivated, Subtle shifts in mood were very thematically indicative.
  • The suspense was streamline throughout, The conceptualisation hands on.
  • Protagonists’ Narrative was simply executed. A definitive balancing point to the occasionally convoluted world building. Without which,It could rather translate as an information dump.
  • Receival of events heavily reliant on the readers individual & unique perspicacity.
  • Multiple dynamics portrayed with the characteristic relationships involved.
  • Plot on large tethered to the choices & consequences in detail. Attributing to a holistic & more resultant (& less predetermined or non sequitur ) approach.

Simply put,

This book exemplified- is all the reasons that I read.

Thus concludes the 99.9% spoiler free section of this “review” 😛





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