what come of eatting donuts with a boy who plays guitar…

Rating: ☆☆☆ Stars

Shelve: 3 Star Kingdom

Genre: YA Contemporary

*Spoiler FREE* 

The title is what instantly grabbed my attention. It was so unassuming & bold. A majority of publishing houses would demand it be shortened-As Short & Striking is essentially what motivates the Catchy Snatchy philosophy. So this indie published debut has defied the very fundamentals of marketing & Yet,

I was instantly interested & simply charmed by it’s rebellion.

Unfortunately,That quirky,organic feel that resonated off the visual cover,Did not transcend to the content.

Don’t get me wrong,This is not a terrible book by any means,In fact,it’s quite lovely really.

To draw a rough portrayal of our premise,Imagine a typical southern small-town. That’s where my description would cease. Abrupt,Is n’t it? Reading being such a visual process,That the writing has to be descriptive enough. The initial allure that the title & synopsis present,only lasts past the prologue-By which one should get a vague sense of the visual world,& their senses should be stung-If not quite yet entrapped & intrigued. This is a vital building block to constructing the portal-if you may, through which we readers will be diving into this alternative reality,Into this alternative psyche.

I lay in this abyss of disconnected observance. I had no feel of the ambience,I was not entranced,I did not feel present.

That being said,I can condone this literary blunder,Because for all intents & purposes,This book does aim at a target audience. When your view is concentrated largely to simply the world of HighSchool-Geographical sketches,Variation in family dynamics & Descriptive analysis do not necessarily concern you.

I do truly believe I would have giggled along & grinned my way though this,Had I been 11 years old again. Whilst this story is not precisely appropriate for one so young (Due to mildly sexual scenes & implication of premarital sex), It is honestly perhaps more entertaining to that who is prepubescent.

I was simply not intrigued by the achingly cookie-cutter characters,

We have our bubbly,effortlessly resplendent cheerleader,Courtney,Who on a deeper dig,Is in fact endearingly geeky & struggles with the anxiety of growing comfortable in her own skin. I did like her.

Courtney: The Sassy Good Girl



Though my favourite character was Luke,The affable jock. He was quite endearing in his simplicity of intent,That guy who is on the surface a bit of a douche,But there’s no malice to him whatsoever.


Luke: The Goof


Luke,Who is Vanessa’s boyfriend. Vanessa being the fashion conscious,extroverted,snarky best friend to our protagonist.


Vanessa: The Bold BF

Finally,There’s Fisher. Ethan Fisher. The “Fisher” of the ladies,The hot new guy. Ofcourse he’s the rising star in his own Alternative Rock band,& his wild heart was instantly enamoured upon glancing upon our protagonist Courtney.

Ethan: The Musician

Oh,Don’t fret,

It’s all spun into action so impeccably,You probably won’t care about the technicalities.

I cannot fault the writing,there is nothing glaringly offending about it. About this entire story as an entirety. It’s a pleasant story. A swoon worthy-if typical-summer romance.


  • Non-Satisfactory Build-Up
  • Initial Dialogue could use a review
  • Lack of suspense to the plot progression
  • Lack of supplementary character insight


  • Smooth deliverance of a Summer Romance
  • Relatable & Realistic portrayal of the average american teenager
  • 90’s film worthy romantic interest
  • Likeable Characters
  • DIY Crafty gift giving
  • #SquadGoals
  • Donuts 😛

PS:  I received an ARC from the author (Affiliated via Polyethnic Taurus  ) in return for a honest review. 


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